Getting Started with Uploading Certificates and Encrypting Passwords for Remote Desktop Connections

Updated: September 12, 2011

You must upload a service certificate and encrypt a password before you can remotely access a running role instance in Windows Azure. You can get started uploading a service certificate and encrypting a password by performing the tasks listed in the following table.


  Step Reference
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Create a hosted service – Before you can upload a service certificate, you must create a running hosted service in Windows Azure.

Overview of Creating a Hosted Service for Windows Azure

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Upload the service certificate – Service certificates provide secure interactions for users of your web application or hosted service. A service certificate must be uploaded to Windows Azure to enable a remote desktop connection to a running role instance.

How to Upload a Service Certificate by Using the CSUpload Command-Line Tool

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Encrypt the password – To use a remote desktop connection, a user account is created that you define in the service configuration file. The password for the user account must be encrypted for security purposes.

How to Encrypt a Password by Using the CSEncrypt Command-Line Tool

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Enable a remote desktop connection – After you have created and uploaded a certificate and encrypted the password, you can enable a remote desktop connection for the role.

Overview of Setting Up a Remote Desktop Connection for a Role

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