WROX Tech Editors for Windows Phone 7 Articles

The following talented individuals were technical editors on the Windows Phone 7 Content.

Chris G. Williams is a Principal Consultant for Magenic. He is the founder of several .NET User Groups on the East Coast and the author of Professional Windows Phone 7 Game Development. He is also a DirectX / XNA MVP, MCT, MCSD (.NET) Early Adopter, MCAD, freelance game developer, conference speaker, vintage arcade game collector, INETA Community Champion and 4-year board member, and he plays a pretty mean guitar in Rock Band. When not doing any of the above stuff, he can often be found in a Waffle House. He likes 'em scattered, covered, and chunked.

Daniel Francis is a software development manager and writes windows phone apps for devfirst.com.

McClellan C. Francis is a Software Engineer with Devfirst.com.