Grammar Validator Usage Scenarios

Grammar Validator checks your XML-format grammars for correct syntax and conformance to schema. There are two primary usage scenarios for Grammar Validator.

  1. You have constructed a grammar for all or a portion of your application. Before you proceed with further testing and tuning, you want to make sure that your XML and script are free of errors in syntax that would prevent the grammar from functioning.

  2. At a later stage in the grammar development cycle, you change the XML or the script in the grammar, perhaps based on the output from one of the grammar development tools. You want to make sure that the change did not break anything.

Grammar Validator will help you to answer the following questions during the authoring and editing phases of grammar development:

  • Will my grammar compile?

  • Are the grammar XML and the JavaScript syntactically correct?

  • Are external rule references available to load? You can use the tool to verify this before you deploy.

  • Did the change in the grammar inadvertently break anything? You don't have to upload the grammar, call into the system, and debug ‘dead air’ just to find out that it contains a typo.


Grammar Validator verifies the syntax and schema of input grammar files according to the rules of the recognition provider that you specify. You must specify a recognition provider using a speech recognition engine configuration file. See Setting Up the Grammar Development Tools.