Phrase Generator Error Messages and Format

Phrase Generator displays error messages and execution summaries in the console. It checks that all externally referenced grammars exist and attempts to load them. The tool halts execution and displays an error message when it encounters an error that prevents successful completion of a command. The tool displays an execution summary for commands that have been processed successfully.

For errors detected in an input file, error messages contain the following information.

  • File name (if applicable)

  • Number of the line that contains the error (if applicable)

  • Error code (if applicable)

  • Error description

Example Errors

Error opening input file:

testexterna.grxml: Problem opening file MyGrammar.grxml -2147024894

Error opening an externally referenced file:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Speech Platform SDK\Tools\MyExternalGrammar.grxml 13: [0xC00CE505] - A name contained an invalid character.-2147201021

XML syntax error in input file:

MyGrammar.grxml (24): ERROR: [0xC00CE56D] - End tag 'rule' does not match the start tag 'item'. -2147201021

Error following a rule reference:

Could not find rule ‘frui’ in grammar MyExternalGrammar.grxml aborting phrase generation

Output file name exists and is read-only:

Problem creating output file MyPhrases.utt. Exception Access to the path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Speech Platform SDK\Tools\MyPhrases.utt ' is denied.

Example Execution Summaries

All phrases for the command were output successfully to MyPhrases.utt:

Successfully output 26 phrases to MyPhrases.utt

The value specified for /MaxPhrases was 60 but only 44 phrases could be generated from the rule specified, and were written to MyPhrases.utt:

Successfully output 44 phrases of 60 possible to MyPhrases.utt


You must either specify a recognition engine configuration file using the /RecoConfig option, or create a default configuration file named "RecoConfig.xml" in the current directory (the directory for the command line), or in the directory that contains PhraseGenerator.exe. The tool will generate an error if you do not supply it with a configuration file.

Phrase Generator converts the input file and any external files it references to CFG format before generating phrases. Consequently, you may also see errors that are generated by this conversion. For a list of errors and warnings that may display as a result of converting grammar files to CFG format, see Grammar Validator Error Messages and Format.

Depending on system and memory constraints, the tool may be unable to process grammars that contain in excess of 100,000 phrases.