Check Phrase Usage Scenarios

You can use Check Phrase to determine whether a grammar contains a given phrase. Check Phrase also returns the semantic interpretation (that is, the emulated recognition result) for a phrase found in a grammar. The tool provides answers to the following questions:

You are debugging a large or complex grammar or a grammar whose contents you have recently changed. You need to know the following:

  • Is this phrase in the grammar?

  • If so, what are the semantics and the pronunciation of the phrase?

  • Which rule tree was used to generate the phrase, its pronunciation, and semantics?

You specify the phrase that you want to check, the grammar to search, and a configuration file for the recognition engine. Check Phrase is particularly helpful when debugging a large or complex grammar. You can optionally specify a rule name in a grammar to limit the scope of the operation. See Check Phrase Command-Line Syntax.

Given the identical input phrase, and the identical grammar to check, Check Phrase will produce the same output each time. This makes the tool very useful for determining whether a change in a grammar has affected whether a phrase is recognized.