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DSC Command-Line Reference

DSC Command-Line Reference

The Dsc.exe program is a command-line interface that you can use to configure the Distributed Storage Catalog (DSC) service. The program has options for creating and deleting DSC file sets and DSC files, for adding and removing compute nodes from the DSC's control, and for setting DSC configuration parameters. For an overview of the DSC, see Overview of LINQ to HPC and the Distributed Storage Catalog (Beta 2). There is also an API that provides much of the same functionality as the DSC command-line interface. For more information about the API, see Creating DSC File Sets.

The DSC command line uses the following syntax.

    DSC {object} {operation} [arguments] [options]

Objects and operations are required. Arguments and options are optional. There are four types of objects. They are:

  • NODE


  • FILE


The following syntax shows how to get help information about an object's operations.

DSC {object} HELP

For example, the following code shows how to get help about operations associated with a node.

In general, you can use either the command-line interface (CLI) or the programmatic API. However, you should be aware that there are minor differences between the two. For example, the following CLI commands are not available in the API.



Also, you cannot use the CLI to query for file set metadata. Instead, use the GetMetadata and SetMetadata methods of the DscFileSet class.

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