Sending a RopCreateAttachment ROP Request

After creating a new attachment with a call to the RopCreateAttachment ROP ([MS-OXCROPS] section, the client sends a RopSaveChangesAttachment ROP request ([MS-OXCROPS] section to commit the new Attachment object and uses the newly created Attachment object in subsequent ROPs. The client eventually sends a RopRelease ROP request ([MS-OXCROPS] section on the Attachment object and, after doing so, MUST NOT use the Attachment object for any subsequent ROPs.

To create an Embedded Message object, the client uses the RopSetProperties ROP ([MS-OXCROPS] section to set the afEmbeddedMessage flag on the PidTagAttachMethod property (section Finally the client sends a RopOpenEmbeddedMessage ROP ([MS-OXCROPS] section on the attachment to get a Message object handle.

The client sends a RopSaveChangesMessage ROP request ([MS-OXCROPS] section to commit the Attachment object change to the Message object.