Speech Recognition Engine Configuration File Examples

With the exception of Simulator Results Analyzer, each of the Microsoft Grammar Development Tools requires a speech recognition engine configuration file at launch. You use a configuration file, hereafter referred to as "RecoConfig file", to specify which speech recognition engine the Grammar Development Tools will use and to configure the behavior of the speech recognition engine. You can create RecoConfig files that target a speech recognition engine in the environment in which you expect your application to run.

The following is an example of a RecoConfig file for connecting to a Microsoft speech recognition engine using the language US-English on a local computer. The purpose of this file is to demonstrate how to configure a locally installed Microsoft speech recognizer for use with the Grammar Development Tools. In this example, the RecoConfig file specifies several optional properties that can be set on the recognizer.


  <!-- Indicates that the recognizer is installed locally -->
  <Provider type="local" />  
  <!-- Only the 'enginerequiredattributes' values are required; all others are optional -->
      completetimeout="0.25s" incompletetimeout="3s"
      maxnbest="4" requesttimeout="15s" enginerequiredattributes="Language=409;Vendor=Microsoft"


The "Language=409" value indicates US-English. Change this value to target a different language, (for example use 411 for Japanese), or create separate RecoConfig files for each language that you want to target.


To configure a local speech engine, you must first install both the Microsoft Speech Platform Runtime 11 and a runtime language (that is, a language pack or specific language engine).