Required Properties

For every object in the address book, the server MUST minimally maintain the following properties, which are defined in [MS-OXOABK]:

  • PidTagObjectType ([MS-OXOABK] section

  • PidTagInitialDetailsPane ([MS-OXOABK] section

  • PidTagAddressBookDisplayNamePrintable ([MS-OXOABK] section

  • PidTagAddressBookContainerId ([MS-OXOABK] section

  • PidTagEntryId ([MS-OXOABK] section

  • PidTagInstanceKey ([MS-OXOABK] section

  • PidTagSearchKey ([MS-OXOABK] section

  • PidTagRecordKey ([MS-OXOABK] section

  • PidTagAddressType ([MS-OXOABK] section

  • PidTagEmailAddress ([MS-OXOABK] section

  • PidTagDisplayType ([MS-OXOABK] section

  • PidTagTemplateid ([MS-OXOABK] section

  • PidTagTransmittableDisplayName ([MS-OXOABK] section

  • PidTagDisplayName ([MS-OXOABK] section

  • PidTagMappingSignature ([MS-OXOABK] section

  • PidTagAddressBookObjectDistinguishedName ([MS-OXOABK] section

The server MUST maintain the following properties, which are defined in [MS-OXOABK], for every object that has a PidTagObjectType property with a value of DISTLIST, value, as specified in [MS-OXOABK] section

  • PidTagContainerContents ([MS-OXOABK] section

  • PidTagContainerFlags ([MS-OXOABK] section

If the server does not conform to the preceding rules, client behavior is undefined.