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create_accelerator_view Function


Creates an accelerator_view object from a pointer to a Direct3D device interface.

accelerator_view create_accelerator_view(
   IUnknown *_D3D_device
   queuing_mode _Qmode = queuing_mode_automatic

accelerator_view create_accelerator_view(
   accelerator& _Accelerator,
   bool _Disable_timeout
   queuing_mode _Qmode = queuing_mode_automatic


The accelerator on which the new accelerator_view is to be created.


The pointer to the Direct3D device interface.


A Boolean parameter that specifies whether timeout should be disabled for the newly created accelerator_view. This corresponds to the D3D11_CREATE_DEVICE_DISABLE_GPU_TIMEOUT flag for Direct3D device creation and is used to indicate if the operating system should allow workloads that take more than 2 seconds to execute without resetting the device per the Windows timeout detection and recovery mechanism. Use of this flag is recommended if you need to perform time consuming tasks on the accelerator_view.


The queuing_mode to be used for the newly created accelerator_view. This parameter has a default value of queuing_mode_automatic.

The accelerator_view object created from the passed Direct3D device interface.

This function creates a new accelerator_view object from an existing pointer to a Direct3D device interface. If the function call succeeds, the reference count of the parameter is incremented by means of an AddRef call to the interface. You can safely release the object when it is no longer required in your DirectX code. If the method call fails, a runtime_exception is thrown.

The accelerator_view object that you create by using this function is thread safe. You must synchronize concurrent use of the accelerator_view object. Unsynchronized concurrent usage of the accelerator_view object and the raw ID3D11Device interface causes undefined behavior.

The C++ AMP runtime provides detailed error information in debug mode by using the D3D Debug layer if you use the D3D11_CREATE_DEVICE_DEBUG flag.


Header: amprt.h

Namespace: Concurrency::direct3d