RecognizeUserInput (Communications Workflow Sample)

RecognizeUserInput (Communications Workflow Sample)

This sample speech workflow application demonstrates how to use grammars to recognize both speech and dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) inputs. The user is asked to enter their PIN, and the user can respond by speaking the PIN or entering it using a keypad. The application recognizes the input and repeats it back to the user.

  • Use the SpeechQuestionAnswerActivity.DtmfGrammars and SpeechQuestionAnswerActivity.Grammars properties.

  • Use grammars with the SpeechHelpCommandActivity and SpeechRepeatCommandActivity activity.

To build and debug the sample application

  1. Create a debugging environment. For information about creating a debugging environment, see Provision and Deploy a UCMA Workflow Application.

  2. In the %ProgramFiles%\Lync Server 2010\UCMA v3.0 SDK\Samples\Workflow directory, open RecognizeUserInput.

  3. Debug the RecognizeUserInput speech workflow application. For information about debugging this application, see Walkthrough: Debugging a Communications Workflow Application.

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