Walkthrough: Add Events to a Workflow

This walkthrough demonstrates the basic operations for adding event activities to a speech and an instant messaging Microsoft Unified Communications Managed API (UCMA) application:

  • Creating a UCMA application.

  • Adding an event activity to the communications events designer.

  • Creating a secondary workflow in the communications events designer.

Use event activities in UCMA applications to escalate silence and no recognition prompts. When a caller remains silent or makes an utterance that is not recognized, a UCMA application should play appropriate escalating silence or no recognition prompts, such as "If you are not sure what to say, you can always say help," or "you can press one for a mocha, two for a latte, or three for a cappuccino."

For more information about event activities, see Understand Dialog Events.

The procedures for creating the walkthrough build sequentially. The sequence in which you perform the procedures is important. The following steps list the suggested order.