This document describes the processes for installing and configuring Microsoft AppFabric 1.1 for Windows Server. These processes can include the following:

  • Install on a single server by using a wizard that validates the platform and either installs any combination of AppFabric features or adds specific features after initial setup.

  • Perform a script-based automated installation and configuration.

  • Install AppFabric on a server farm.

  • Configure by using a wizard, either immediately after initial setup or subsequently.

  • Remove specific features or uninstall AppFabric as a whole.

This document provides installation procedures for all prerequisites in the platform, and describes how to prepare for installing AppFabric hosting features and caching features.

We recommend that you read this entire document before beginning your installation. This is because AppFabric connects many disparate components both internal and external to your enterprise so information can flow smoothly and securely in many directions. While even the most basic single-server deployment relies on many variables, most real-world deployment scenarios extend much farther to include multiple servers and eventually clusters of both physical and virtual computers.

No two deployments of AppFabric are the same. Before you begin the installation process, gather information about the needs of your enterprise, and discuss the scope of your deployment with the IT professionals, system administrators, and developers who will use AppFabric. By studying this installation guide and carefully analyzing the specific needs of your enterprise, you can make the deployment process more straightforward.

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