RetryLater (CacheServerUnavailable)

This section describes the DataCacheException exception that has an error code of RetryLater and a substatus of CacheServerUnavailable. Applications that get this error cannot connect to the cache cluster successfully, because they cannot communicate with one or more cache host servers.

Various issues with the cache cluster can cause this exception. One common cause is that the user running the application has not been granted access to the cache cluster. To understand how to grant users access to the cache cluster, see Managing Security. For troubleshooting suggestions for other causes of this exception, see Server Unavailability.

The application configuration can also cause or contribute to this error. An application specifies the cache hosts that should be used to connect to the cache cluster. It does this in the application configuration file or programmatically with the DataCacheFactoryConfiguration class. If the cache cluster appears to be operational, look more closely at the application settings.

  • Verify that the application specifies cache hosts that are located in the cache cluster and that are operational.

  • If the cache cluster consists of multiple cache hosts, verify that the application specifies more than one cache host. If one cache host temporarily goes down, the application is then able to use another running cache host to access the cache cluster.

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