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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: View Exploratory Test Session Results Using Microsoft Test Manager

Visual Studio 2012

Exploratory testing is the testing of an application without a set of tests defined in advance. During an exploratory test session, you are not restricted to a script or a set of predetermined steps. For more information, see Performing Exploratory Testing Using Microsoft Test Manager.

Depending on the process template your team is using, you can use Microsoft Test Manager, to perform exploratory testing in the context of a specific Product Backlog Item (Scrum), User Story (Agile), or Requirement (CMMI) work item type. Therefore, bugs and test cases that you create during the exploratory test session are associated with the requirements category-based work item type being explored. For more information, see Starting an Exploratory Test Session Associated with a User Story.

Note Note

Exploratory testing can be performed on any work item type in the Requirements category. For more information, see How to: Create a Work Item using Microsoft Test Manager and Creating a Test Plan Using Product Backlog Items, User Stories, or Requirements.

From Microsoft Test Manager, you can also do general exploratory testing that is not associated with a specific product backlog item, user story, or requirement work item type. For more information, see Starting a General Exploratory Test Session (Not Associated with a User Story).

After you complete an exploratory test session, you can view the details of your session, or other previously completed exploratory test sessions, in Microsoft Test Manager. Completed exploratory test sessions are listed in the View Exploratory Test Sessions tab.

To view an exploratory test session

  1. Open Microsoft Test Manager.

    Note Note

    To display the Microsoft Test Manager window, on the Windows task bar, choose All Programs, Microsoft Visual Studio, and then choose Microsoft Test Manager.

  2. On the center group switcher, choose the down-arrow and then choose Testing Center.

  3. In the center group menu bar, choose Test.

  4. In the menu under the center group menu bar, choose View Exploratory Test Sessions.

    A list of the exploratory test sessions is displayed that are associated with the test plan.

  5. In the list of exploratory test sessions, choose the session that you want to view and then choose Open.

    The exploratory test session is displayed.