Using IntelliSense with jQuery

Using IntelliSense with jQuery

Expression Studio 4.0

Microsoft Expression Web provides you with IntelliSense for jQuery to streamline the process of authoring jQuery when you work directly in the source code of a web page or JavaScript (.js) file. IntelliSense for jQuery is available inside a jQuery script block and can display available electors and actions.

IntelliSense for jQuery enables you to choose selectors and jQuery actions from a list as you type. In addition, IntelliSense for jQuery provides tooltips for jQuery statements.

For example, if you press CTRL + L after starting a jQuery statement, IntelliSense displays an alphabetical list of selectors. If you type . inside a jQuery statement, IntelliSense displays an alphabetical list of jQuery actions. Once you select an action and type (, IntelliSense displays a tooltip for that jQuery action.

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IntelliSense supports chaining jQuery actions. If you press the period key (.) at the end of a jQuery statement, IntelliSense will display an alphabetical list of valid jQuery actions.

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