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index Class

index Class

Defines an N-dimensional index point.

template <
   int _Rank                     
class index;


The rank, or number of dimensions.



index::index Constructor

Initializes a new instance of the index class.



index::operator-- Operator

Decrements each element of the index object.

index::operator(mod)= Operator

Calculates the modulus (remainder) of each element in the index object when that element is divided by a number.

index::operator*= Operator

Multiplies each element of the index object by a number.

index::operator/= Operator

Divides each element of the index object by a number.

index::operator[] Operator

Returns the element that's at the specified index.

index::operator++ Operator

Increments each element of the index object.

index::operator+= Operator

Adds the specified number to each element of the index object.

index::operator= Operator

Copies the contents of the specified index object into this one.

index::operator-= Operator

Subtracts the specified number from each element of the index object.



index::rank Constant

Stores the rank of the index object.

The index structure represents a coordinate vector of N integers that specifies a unique position in an N-dimensional space. The values in the vector are ordered from most significant to least significant. You can retrieve the values of the components using index::operator= Operator.

Header: amp.h

Namespace: Concurrency

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