Supported Data Types for LightSwitch Extensions

LightSwitch business type extensions and control extensions build on existing data types or consume them. Data types must be specified in an .lsml file by using the module name and the name of the data type. A ":" is a shortcut for "Microsoft.LightSwitch:". This document lists the data types that are supported by LightSwitch.

  • Microsoft.LightSwitch:Binary

  • Microsoft.LightSwitch:Boolean

  • Microsoft.LightSwitch:Byte

  • Microsoft.LightSwitch:DateTime

  • Microsoft.LightSwitch:Date

  • Microsoft.LightSwitch:Decimal

  • Microsoft.LightSwitch:Double

  • Microsoft.LightSwitch:Guid

  • Microsoft.LightSwitch:Int16

  • Microsoft.LightSwitch:Int32

  • Microsoft.LightSwitch:Int64

  • Microsoft.LightSwitch:SByte

  • Microsoft.LightSwitch:Single

  • Microsoft.LightSwitch:String

  • Microsoft.LightSwitch:TimeSpan

If a LightSwitch project includes the Microsoft.LightSwitch.Extensions extension library, the following types are also supported:

  • Microsoft.LightSwitch.Extensions:EmailAddress

  • Microsoft.LightSwitch.Extensions:Image

  • Microsoft.LightSwitch.Extensions:Money

  • Microsoft.LightSwitch.Extensions:Percent

  • Microsoft.LightSwitch.Extensions:PhoneNumber

  • Microsoft.LightSwitch.Extensions:WebAddress

In addition to LightSwitch extension data types, you can also reference business types from other business type extensions. For business types in the same extension, just specify the name of the business type; otherwise specify both the module name and the type.