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CepEdgeStreamOperator<TInputPayload, TOutputPayload> Class

Creates a user-defined stream operator that processes edge events in sync time order.

    Microsoft.ComplexEventProcessing.Extensibility.CepStreamOperator<EdgeEvent<TInputPayload>, TInputPayload, TOutputPayload>
      Microsoft.ComplexEventProcessing.Extensibility.CepEdgeStreamOperator<TInputPayload, TOutputPayload>

Namespace:  Microsoft.ComplexEventProcessing.Extensibility
Assembly:  Microsoft.ComplexEventProcessing (in Microsoft.ComplexEventProcessing.dll)

public abstract class CepEdgeStreamOperator<TInputPayload, TOutputPayload> : CepStreamOperator<EdgeEvent<TInputPayload>, TInputPayload, TOutputPayload>

Type Parameters


The type of the input event payload.


The type of the output event payload.

The CepEdgeStreamOperator<TInputPayload, TOutputPayload> type exposes the following members.

Protected methodCepEdgeStreamOperator<TInputPayload, TOutputPayload>Initializes a new instance of the CepEdgeStreamOperator<TInputPayload, TOutputPayload> class.

Public propertyIsEmpty When overriden in a derived class, gets a value that indicates whether the internal state of the operator is empty. When true, the StreamInsight query engine may discard the operator instance to minimize memory utilization. (Inherited from CepStreamOperator.)
Public propertyNextCti When overridden in a derived class, gets the next point in time at which the operator will be asked to process a CTI event. If the value is null, or less than or equal to the sync time of the last processed event, then no CTI events will be passed to the ProcessEvent method. (Inherited from CepStreamOperator.)

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Public methodProcessEvent When overridden in a derived class, generates output and updates internal state of the operator in response to an input event. (Inherited from CepStreamOperator<TInputEvent, TInputPayload, TOutputPayload>.)
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The sync time for edge events is the StartTime for a start edge, the EndTime for an end edge, and the StartTime for a CTI.

For more information, see User-Defined Stream Operators.

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