Validation Stored Procedure (Master Data Services)


Applies To: SQL Server 2016

In Master Data Services, validate a version to apply business rules to all members in the model version.

This topic explains how to use the mdm.udpValidateModel stored procedure to validate data. If you are an administrator in the Master Data Manager web application, you can do validation in the UI instead. For more information, see Validate a Version against Business Rules (Master Data Services).

System_CAPS_ICON_note.jpg Note

If you invoke validation before the staging process is complete, members that have not finished staging will not be validated.

DECLARE @ModelName nVarchar(50) = 'Customer'   
DECLARE @Model_id int   
DECLARE @UserName nvarchar(50)= 'DOMAIN\user_name'   
DECLARE @User_ID int   
DECLARE @Version_ID int   
SET @User_ID = (SELECT ID    
                 FROM mdm.tblUser u   
                 WHERE u.UserName = @UserName)   
SET @Model_ID = (SELECT Top 1 Model_ID   
                 FROM mdm.viw_SYSTEM_SCHEMA_VERSION   
                 WHERE Model_Name = @ModelName)   
SET @Version_ID = (SELECT MAX(ID)   
                 FROM mdm.viw_SYSTEM_SCHEMA_VERSION   
                 WHERE Model_ID = @Model_ID)  
EXECUTE mdm.udpValidateModel @User_ID, @Model_ID, @Version_ID, 1  

The parameters of this procedure are as follows:

UserIDThe user ID.
Model_IDThe model ID.
Version_IDThe version ID.

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