CreateColdObservable(T) Method
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TestScheduler.CreateColdObservable(Of T) Method

Creates a cold observable.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Reactive.Testing
Assembly:  Microsoft.Reactive.Testing (in Microsoft.Reactive.Testing.dll)

Public Function CreateColdObservable(Of T) ( _
	ParamArray messages As Recorded(Of Notification(Of T))() _
) As ITestableObservable(Of T)
Dim instance As TestScheduler
Dim messages As Recorded(Of Notification(Of T))()
Dim returnValue As ITestableObservable(Of T)

returnValue = instance.CreateColdObservable(messages)

Type Parameters



Type: Microsoft.Reactive.Testing.Recorded(Of Notification(Of T))()
Notifications to surface through the created sequence.

Return Value

Type: Microsoft.Reactive.Testing.ITestableObservable(Of T)
Cold observable exhibiting the specified message behavior.
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