ToolLocationHelper.GetPlatformExtensionSDKLocation Method (String, String, Version, String[], String)


Given an SDKName, targetPlatformIdentifier and TargetPlatformVersion search the default sdk locations for the passed in sdk name.

The format of the sdk moniker is SDKName, Version=X.X

MSBuild is now included in Visual Studio instead of the .NET Framework.You can use MSBuild 12.0 side-by-side with versions previously deployed with the .NET Framework.For more information, see What's New in MSBuild 12.0.

Namespace:   Microsoft.Build.Utilities
Assembly:  Microsoft.Build.Utilities.Core (in Microsoft.Build.Utilities.Core.dll)

public static string GetPlatformExtensionSDKLocation(
	string sdkMoniker,
	string targetPlatformIdentifier,
	Version targetPlatformVersion,
	string[] diskRoots,
	string registryRoot


Type: System.String

Name of the SDK to determine the installation location for.

Type: System.String

Targeted platform to find SDKs for

Type: System.Version

Targeted platform version to find SDKs for

Type: System.String[]

List of disk roots to search for sdks within

Type: System.String

Registry root to look for sdks within

Return Value

Type: System.String

Location of the SDK if it is found, empty string if it could not be found

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