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Integration Services Deployment Wizard


The Integration Services Deployment Wizard deploys projects to the SSISDB catalog on a SQL Server instance using the project deployment model.

To start the Integration Services Deployment Wizard from an open project in Visual Studio, select Deploy from the Project menu. To start the wizard in SQL Server Management Studio, expand the Integration Services Catalogs > SSISDB node in Object Explorer, right-click the Projects folder, and then click Deploy Project.

The wizard proceeds through the following four steps. Click Next to move to the next step, or Previous to return to the previous step.

  1. Select Source – Select the Integration Services project that you want to deploy.

  2. Select Destination – Select the project destination.

  3. Review – Displays your selections.

  4. Deploy/Results – Deploys the project and displays the results.

To deploy a project deployment file that you created, select Project deployment file and enter the path to the .ispac file or click Browse to find it in the Visual Studio project folder. To deploy a project that resides in the Integration Services catalog, select Integration Services catalog, and then enter the server name and the path to the project in the catalog.

If you start the wizard in Visual Studio, then by default the wizard selects the open project as the source and skips this step. To return to this step and select a different source, click Previous or click Select Source in the left pane.

To select the destination folder for the project in the Integration Services catalog, enter the SQL Server instance or click Browse to select from a list of servers. Enter the project path in SSISDB or click Browse to select it.

If you start the wizard in SQL Server Management Studio, then by default the wizard selects the connected server instance and enters the path to the selected project. You can change these values to deploy the project to a different location.

The wizard allows you to review the settings you have selected before deploying the project. You can change your selections by clicking Previous, or by clicking any of the steps in the left pane.

When you click Deploy from the Review page, the project is deployed and the Results page displays the success or failure of each action. If the action fails, click the Failed in the Result column to display an explanation of the error. Click Save Report... to save the results to an XML file.

Click Close to exit the wizard.

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