Monitoring for Package Executions and Other Operations


You can monitor Integration Services package executions, project validations, and other operations by using one of more of the following tools. Certain tools such as data taps are available only for projects that are deployed to the Integration Services server.

Several different types of operations are monitored in the SSISDB catalog, on the Integration Services server. Each operation can have multiple messages associated with it. Each message can be classified into one of several different types. For example, a message can be of type Information, Warning, or Error. For the full list of message types, see the documentation for the Transact-SQL catalog.operation_messages (SSISDB Database) view. For a full list of the operations types, see catalog.operations (SSISDB Database).

Nine different status types are used to indicate the status of an operation. For a full list of the status types, see the catalog.operations (SSISDB Database) view.

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