Availability replica is disconnected

Policy Name

Availability Replica Connection State


Availability replica is disconnected.




Availability replica

This policy checks the connection state between availability replicas. The policy is in an unhealthy state when the connection state of the availability replica is DISCONNECTED. The policy is otherwise in a healthy state.

Note Note

For this release of SQL Server 2012, information about possible causes and solutions is located at Availability replica is disconnected on the TechNet Wiki.

The secondary replica is not connected to the primary replica. The connected state is DISCONNECTED. This issue can be caused by the following:

  • The connection port might be in conflict with another application.

  • The encryption type or algorithm is mismatched.

  • The connection endpoint has been deleted or has not been started.

  • The transport is disconnected.

Following are possible solutions for this issue:

  • Check the database mirroring endpoint configuration for the instances of the primary and secondary replica and update the mismatched configuration.

  • Check if the port is conflicting, and if so, change the port number.

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