Suggest Vendor Payments

Suggest Vendor Payments Batch Job

Processes open vendor ledger entries, which are entries that result from posting invoices, finance charge memos, credit memos, and payments, and creates a payment suggestion as lines in a payment journal. You must specify a last payment date to be used in the batch job.

Only vendor entries that are not marked On Hold are included in the batch job. You can also run the batch job in such a way as to include payments for which it is possible to obtain a discount.

When the batch job is completed, you can modify the suggested payment entries in the payment journal and add lines in the payment journal with balancing entries for the payments. The batch job fills in either the Applies-to Doc. Type and No. fields or the Applies-to ID field on the lines. Then when you post the payment journal, the vendor ledger entries that are paid will be applied to automatically.

Last Payment Date: Enter the latest payment date that can appear on the vendor ledger entries to be included in the batch job. Only entries that have a due date or a payment discount date either before or on this date will be included. If the payment date is earlier than the system date, a warning will be displayed.

Find Payment Discounts: Place a check mark in the check box if you want the batch job to include vendor ledger entries for which you can receive a payment discount.

Summarize per Vendor: Place a check mark in the check box if you want the batch job to make one line per vendor for each currency in which the vendor has ledger entries. If, for example, a vendor uses two currencies, the batch job will create two lines in the payment journal for this vendor. The program will then use the Applies-to ID field when the journal lines are posted to apply the lines to vendor ledger entries. If you do not place a check mark in the check box, the batch job will make one line per invoice.

By Dimension: Select the dimensions by which you want to group the suggested payments. You get one suggested payment per combination of dimension values for each currency in which the vendor has ledger entries.

Use Vendor Priority: If there is a check mark in this field, the contents of the Priority field on the vendor cards will determine in which order vendor entries will be suggested for payment by the batch job. The program always prioritizes vendors for payment suggestions if you specify an available amount in the field below.

Available Amount (LCY): If there is a maximum amount available (in LCY) for payments, you can enter it here. The batch job will then create a payment suggestion on the basis of this amount and the prioritization of vendors (see field above). It will include only vendor entries that can be paid fully (can be fully applied to).

Posting Date: Enter the date that will appear as the posting date on the lines that the batch job inserts in the payment journal.

Starting Document No.: The batch job automatically fills in this field with the next available number in the number series for the journal batch that is linked to the payment journal. When you run the batch job, this is the document number that appears on the first payment journal line. The document number will be incremented by one on each of the following journal lines. You can also fill in this field manually.

New Doc. No. per Line: Place a check mark in the check box if you want the program to fill in the payment journal lines with consecutive document numbers, starting with the document number specified in the field above. If the Bank Payment Type field contains the Manual Check type and the Summarize per Vendor field does not contain a check mark, this field must contain a check mark. The program will then use the document number as the unique ID for the check.

Bal. Account Type: Select the balance account type to be used in the batch job. To see the options, click the field.

Bal. Account No.: Select the balance account no. to be used in the batch job. The account numbers that you can choose from are determined by the contents of the field above. To see existing balance account numbers, click the field. If you select Bank Account and the bank account contained in the Bal. Account No. field has a currency code other than LCY, only those entries with the same currency as the bank account are included in the batch job.

Bank Payment Type: If you use bank account as the balancing account type, select the bank payment type (check type) you are using. To see the options, click the field.

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