Consumption Journal Window

Manually posts consumption to production orders. In a consumption journal, you enter the relevant information, such as the posting date, production order number, item number and quantity. If the warehouse location where the components are stored uses bins but does not require pick processing, you specify the bin code for each component. The information you enter in a journal is temporary and can be changed as long as it is in the journal.

After you post a journal, the journal will be empty (unless the journal is a recurring journal), and the transactions will be posted to the production order. You can view the results of posting a journal in the ledger entry windows and register windows.

If the location requires pick processing and you have placed a check mark in the Require Pick field, then the program handles consumption in a different way. In this case, you would only use the Consumption Journal window to manually post any discrepancies in consumption that occur during production. This could be due to over or underproduction of scrap or consumption of items that are not specified on the component list.


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