Detail Trial Balance Report

Shows a detail trial balance for selected general ledger accounts. You can use the report at the close of an accounting period or fiscal year.

You can define which accounts are included in the report by setting filters.

Field Description

New Page per G/L Acc.

Select to print each general ledger account on a separate page.

Exclude G/L Accs. That Have a Balance Only

If selected, general ledger accounts with a balance, but not a net change in the period that is defined in the Date Filter field, are not included in the report.

Include Closing Entries Within the Period

Select to include closing entries. This is an advantage if the report covers an entire fiscal year. Closing entries are listed on a fictitious date between the last day of one fiscal year and the first day of the next one. They have a C before the date, such as C123194. If you do not select this field, no closing entries are shown.

Include Reversed Entries

Select if you want to include reversed entries in the report.

Print Corrections Only

Select if you want the report to show only the entries that have been reversed and their matching correcting entries.