XsdTypeImporterTask Class

.NET Framework (current version)

Custom MSBuild task used to generate CLR types from XML schemas


Namespace:  Microsoft.Build.Tasks.Xsd
Assembly:  XsdBuildTask (in XsdBuildTask.dll)

public class XsdTypeImporterTask : Task

The XsdTypeImporterTask type exposes the following members.

Public methodXsdTypeImporterTaskInitializes a new instance of the XsdTypeImporterTask class.

Public propertyBuildEngineGets or sets the instance of the IBuildEngine object used by the task. (Inherited from Task.)
Public propertyBuildEngine2Gets the instance of the IBuildEngine2 object used by the task. (Inherited from Task.)
Public propertyBuildEngine3Gets the instance of the IBuildEngine3 object used by the task. (Inherited from Task.)
Public propertyBuildEngine4Gets the instance of the IBuildEngine4 object used by the task. (Inherited from Task.)
Public propertyCollectionTypes Gets or sets the fully qualified or assembly qualified names of the types to be used as collection data types.
Public propertyEnableDataBinding Gets or sets a value indicating whether the data binding for XSD type importer task is enabled.
Public propertyExcludedTypesGets or sets the excluded types for the XSD type importer task.
Public propertyGenerateInternalTypesGets or sets a value indicating whether to generate classes that are marked as internal.
Public propertyGenerateSerializableTypesGets or sets a value indicating whether to generate classes marked with [Serializable] Attribute.
Protected propertyHelpKeywordPrefixGets or sets the prefix used to compose Help keywords from resource names. (Inherited from Task.)
Public propertyHostObjectGets or sets the host object associated with the task. (Inherited from Task.)
Public propertyImportXmlTypesGets or sets a value indicating whether to configure the DataContractSerializer to import non-DataContract types as IXmlSerializable.
Public propertyInputXsdFilesGets or sets the input XML schema files.
Public propertyLanguage Gets or sets the programming language to use for code generation.
Public propertyLogGets an instance of a TaskLoggingHelper class containing task logging methods. (Inherited from Task.)
Public propertyNamespaceMappingsGets or sets the mappings from XML schema target Namespace to CLR namespace.
Public propertyOutputDirectoryGets or sets the output directory.
Public propertyOutputFileGets the output file containing the generated types.
Public propertyReferencesGets or sets the full path to assemblies that will be loaded for data contract type reuse.
Public propertySerializerModeGets or sets the serialization mode.
Public propertySupportFx35DataTypes Gets or sets a value indicating whether to support typed datasets from .NET Framework 3.5.
Protected propertyTaskResourcesGets or sets the culture-specific resources associated with the task. (Inherited from Task.)

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Public methodExecuteIndicates whether the XML Schema definition type importer task executes. (Overrides Task.Execute().)
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.NET Framework

Supported in: 4.6, 4.5

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