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Expand All FindAllFiles: Algorithm for Finding All Files Under a Directory

The inputs for this algorithm are:

  • RootDirectory: A DirectoryFile ADM element indicating the top-level directory for the search.

This algorithm returns a list of files that are descendants of RootDirectory, including RootDirectory itself.

The algorithm uses the following local variables:

  • Lists of Files (initialized to empty): FoundFiles, FilesToMerge

Pseudocode for the algorithm follows:

  • Insert RootDirectory into FoundFiles.

  • For each Link in RootDirectory.DirectoryList:

    • If Link.File.FileType is DirectoryFile:

      • Set FilesToMerge to FindAllFiles(Link.File).

    • Else:

      • Set FilesToMerge to a list containing the single entry Link.File.

    • EndIf

    • For each File in FilesToMerge:

      • If File is not an element of FoundFiles, insert File into FoundFiles.

    • EndFor

  • EndFor

  • Return FoundFiles.

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