2 Functional Architecture

This section describes the basic structure of the system and the interrelationships among its parts, consumers, and dependencies.

Section 2.1 provides an architectural overview of the protocols that are implemented by the various modules and how these protocols relate to each other. The protocols described are grouped by module and, where applicable, by the overall functionality that the protocol provides (security, messaging, and so on).

Section 2.2 provides a summary description of all the protocols that are mentioned in this document.

Section 2.3 identifies the context in which the system exists. This includes the systems that use the interfaces that are provided by this system of protocols, other systems that depend on this system, and, as appropriate, how components of the system communicate.

Section 2.4 describes assumptions and preconditions.

Section 2.5 provides a set of use cases illustrating a variety of scenarios for how the protocols are used.