TaskAwaiter<TResult>.GetResult Method ()

.NET Framework (current version)

This API supports the product infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.

Ends the wait for the completion of the asynchronous task.

Namespace:   System.Runtime.CompilerServices
Assembly:  mscorlib (in mscorlib.dll)

public TResult GetResult()

Return Value

Type: TResult

The result of the completed task.

Exception Condition

The TaskAwaiter<TResult> object was not properly initialized.


The task was canceled.


The task completed in a Faulted state.

This type and its members are intended for use by the compiler.

Universal Windows Platform
Available since 8
.NET Framework
Available since 4.5
Portable Class Library
Supported in: portable .NET platforms
Windows Phone Silverlight
Available since 8.0
Windows Phone
Available since 8.1
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