How to Define Extended Verbs

You can use the registry to define one or more extended verbs. The associated commands will be displayed only when the user right-clicks an object while pressing the SHIFT key.


To define a verb as extended, simply add an "extended" REG_SZ value to the verb's subkey. The value should not have any data associated with it. The following sample registry entry shows the example from the previous section, with "doit" defined as an extended verb.

      (Default) = MyProgram.1
      (Default) = MyProgram Application
         (Default) = doit
               (Default) = C:\MyDir\MyProgram.exe "%1"
            (Default) = &Do It
               (Default) = C:\MyDir\MyProgram.exe /d "%1"
               (Default) = C:\MyDir\MyProgram.exe /p "%1"
               (Default) = C:\MyDir\MyProgram.exe /p "%1" "%2" %3 %4