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Retrieves font-metric information from a scalable font file.

DWORD GetFontData( 
   DWORD dwTable, 
   DWORD dwOffset, 
   LPVOID lpData, 
   DWORD cbData  
) const;


Specifies the name of the metric table to be returned. This parameter can be one of the metric tables documented in the TrueType Font Files specification published by Microsoft Corporation. If this parameter is 0, the information is retrieved starting at the beginning of the font file.


Specifies the offset from the beginning of the table at which to begin retrieving information. If this parameter is 0, the information is retrieved starting at the beginning of the table specified by the dwTable parameter. If this value is greater than or equal to the size of the table, GetFontData returns 0.


Points to a buffer that will receive the font information. If this value is NULL, the function returns the size of the buffer required for the font data specified in the dwTable parameter.


Specifies the length, in bytes, of the information to be retrieved. If this parameter is 0, GetFontData returns the size of the data specified in the dwTable parameter.

Specifies the number of bytes returned in the buffer pointed to by lpData if the function is successful; otherwise –1.

The information to retrieve is identified by specifying an offset into the font file and the length of the information to return.

An application can sometimes use the GetFontData member function to save a TrueType font with a document. To do this, the application determines whether the font can be embedded and then retrieves the entire font file, specifying 0 for the dwTable, dwOffset, and cbData parameters.

Applications can determine whether a font can be embedded by checking the otmfsType member of the OUTLINETEXTMETRIC structure. If bit 1 of otmfsType is set, embedding is not permitted for the font. If bit 1 is clear, the font can be embedded. If bit 2 is set, the embedding is read only.

If an application attempts to use this function to retrieve information for a non-TrueType font, the GetFontData member function returns –1.

Header: afxwin.h

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