const_mem_fun_t Class
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const_mem_fun_t Class

An adapter class that allows a const member function that takes no arguments to be called as a unary function object when initialized with a reference argument.

template<class Result, class Type>
   class const_mem_fun_t : public unary_function <Type *, Result> 
   explicit const_mem_fun_t( Result ( Type::* _Pm )( ) const );
   Result operator()(
      const Type* _Pleft
   ) const;


A pointer to the member function of class Type to be converted to a function object.


The object that the _Pm member function is called on.

An adaptable unary function.

The template class stores a copy of _Pm, which must be a pointer to a member function of class Type, in a private member object. It defines its member function operator() as returning (_Pleft->* _Pm)() const.

The constructor of const_mem_fun_t is not usually used directly; the helper function mem_fun is used to adapt member functions. See mem_fun for an example of how to use member function adaptors.

Header: <functional>

Namespace: std

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