This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Visual Basic Windows Forms Samples

These samples demonstrate common tasks for Windows Forms applications.

Animation Sample

Includes moving text, a bouncing ball, and an animated image.

Clipboard Sample

Demonstrates the My.Clipboard object for copying and pasting text, integers, images, and objects.

Custom Drawing User Control Sample

Demonstrates how to create and use custom-drawn user controls.

Dialog Components Sample

Demonstrates selecting files, colors, and folders.

Drag-and-Drop Sample

Demonstrates drag-and-drop functionality with text, images, and tree-view nodes.

Dynamic Control Creation Sample

Add controls at run time using XML input files.

Explorer-Style Application Sample

Contains two forms that have split-pane windows, similar to Windows Explorer.

GDI+ Brushes Sample

View the effects of brush options.

GDI+ Images Sample

Manipulates images, including zooming and clipping.

GDI+ Pen Sample

Shows the effects of pen options.

GDI+ Text Sample

Shows the effects of text options.

Help Files Sample

Demonstrates compiled Help, HTML Help, and ToolTips.

ListBox and ComboBox Sample

Demonstrates several common list tasks.

Menus Sample

Creates and merges menus programmatically.

NotifyIcon Sample

Creates an application that is accessible through the system tray.

Printing Sample

Uses the My.Printers object.

Regular Expressions Sample

Validates user input using Regex.

StatusStrip Control Sample

Demonstrates text and user-drawn StatusBar panels.

Text Validation Sample

Validates text using the MaskedTextBox.

Threaded User Interface Update Sample

Demonstrates how to update the user interface from a separate thread.

Top-Level Forms Sample

Controls how applications appear in the Taskbar.

Visual Inheritance Sample

Creates new forms by inheriting from existing forms.

Web Browser Sample

Creates a Web browser.

Windows Forms Applications in the .NET Framework

Information about designing Windows Forms applications.

Windows Forms Controls

Information about Windows Forms controls.

Data Samples

These samples demonstrate data manipulation tasks.

Visual Basic Language Samples

These samples demonstrate Visual Basic language concepts.

Visual Basic Server Component Samples

These samples demonstrate applications that interact with Windows operating system components.

Visual Basic Security Samples

These samples demonstrate security tasks.