This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CHttpRequestParams Class 

This class represents a collection of name-value pairs such as query parameters or form variables.

class CHttpRequestParams :
    public CHttpMap<CStringA, CStringA, CStringElementTraitsI<CStringA>,
                    CStringElementTraitsI<CStringA> >, 
    public CHttpMap<CStringA, CStringA, CStringElementTraits<CStringA>,
                    CStringElementTraits<CStringA> >,
    public CValidateObject<CHttpRequestParams>

This class represents a collection of request parameters — the name-value pairs found, for example, in a query string or in the data provided when a form is submitted to the server. Call CHttpRequestParams::Parse to build the collection from a string of URL-encoded data. Use the standard collection methods of the CHttpMap base class to retrieve the decoded names and values. Use the methods of the CValidateObject base class to validate the parameters.

The behavior of this class is altered by the ATL_HTTP_PARAM_MAP_CASEINSENSITIVE and ATL_HTTP_PARAM_MULTIMAP macros.

When ATL_HTTP_PARAM_MAP_CASEINSENSITIVE is defined, request parameters are treated without regard to case, meaning that a parameter named UserName is equivalent to one named username. When this macro is not defined, these parameters are treated as different.

When ATL_HTTP_PARAM_MULTIMAP is defined, multiple request parameters with the same name are available. When this macro is not defined, only the last encountered parameter with a particular name is available.

Header: atlisapi.h