This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Type Conversions in Visual Basic

The process of changing a value from one data type to another type is called conversion. Conversions are either widening or narrowing, depending on the data capacities of the types involved. They are also implicit or explicit, depending on the syntax in the source code.

Widening and Narrowing Conversions (Visual Basic)

Explains conversions classified by whether the destination type can hold the data.

Implicit and Explicit Conversions (Visual Basic)

Discusses conversions classified by whether Visual Basic performs them automatically.

Conversions Between Strings and Other Types (Visual Basic)

Illustrates converting between strings and numeric, Boolean, or date/time values.

How to: Convert an Object to Another Type in Visual Basic

Shows how to convert an Object variable to any other data type.

Array Conversions (Visual Basic)

Steps you through the process of converting between arrays of different data types.

Data Types in Visual Basic

Introduces the Visual Basic data types and describes how to use them.

Data Type Summary (Visual Basic)

Lists the elementary data types supplied by Visual Basic.

Troubleshooting Data Types (Visual Basic)

Discusses some common problems that can arise when working with data types.