InternalDataCollectionBase Hierarchy

The following table lists the classes derived from System.Data.InternalDataCollectionBase .

Class Description
System.Data.ConstraintCollection Represents a collection of constraints for a DataTable.
System.Data.DataColumnCollection Represents a collection of DataColumn objects for a DataTable.
System.Data.DataRelationCollection Represents the collection of DataRelation objects for this DataSet.
System.Data.DataRowCollection Represents a collection of rows for a DataTable.
System.Data.DataTableCollection Represents the collection of tables for the DataSet.
System.Data.SqlServerCe.ResultSetEnumerator An enumerator that can be used to iterate through a collection of records in a ResultSet object. The ResultSetEnumerator is not designed to be used directly from within your code. You will get more functionality by working directly with the SqlCeResultSet object.
System.Data.SqlServerCe.ResultSetView Implements data binding interfaces and provides a bridge between user interface controls and the SqlCeResultSet.
System.Data.SqlServerCe.RowView Implements data binding interfaces as part of the ResultSetView. Not intended for use directly from your code.
System.Data.SqlServerCe.SqlCeEngine Represents the properties, methods, and other objects of the SQL Server Mobile Engine object. This class cannot be inherited.
System.Data.SqlServerCe.SqlCeError Collects information relevant to a warning or error returned by the data source. This class cannot be inherited.
System.Data.SqlServerCe.SqlCeErrorCollection Collects all errors generated by the .NET Compact Framework Data Provider for SQL Server Mobile. This class cannot be inherited.
System.Data.SqlServerCe.SqlCeRemoteDataAccess Initializes a new instance of the SqlCeRemoteDataAccess object. For more information about Remote Data Access, see the SQL Server Mobile Books Online.
System.Data.SqlServerCe.SqlCeReplication Initializes a new instance of the SqlCeReplication object. For more information about SQL Server replication, see the SQL Server 2005 Books Online. For more information about merge replication with SQL Server Mobile, see the SQL Server Mobile Books Online.
System.Data.SqlServerCe.SqlCeType This class supports the .NET Framework infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
System.Data.SqlServerCe.SqlCeUpdatableRecord Represents a row of updatable values from the data source. A SqlCeResultSet object contains one or more UpdatableRecords.
System.Data.SqlServerCe.SqlMetaData Specifies and retrieves metadata information from parameters and columns retrieved from a database. This class cannot be inherited.

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