CookieCollection.Item Property (Int32)

Gets the Cookie with a specific index from a CookieCollection.

Namespace: System.Net
Assembly: System (in system.dll)

Public ReadOnly Default Property Item ( _
	index As Integer _
) As Cookie
Dim instance As CookieCollection
Dim index As Integer
Dim value As Cookie

value = instance(index)

/** @property */
public Cookie get_Item (int index)

JScript supports the use of indexed properties, but not the declaration of new ones.



The zero-based index of the Cookie to be found.

Property Value

A Cookie with a specific index from a CookieCollection.

Exception typeCondition


index is less than 0 or index is greater than or equal to Count.

You can use this to iterate over the contents of a CookieCollection.

 'Get the cookies in the 'CookieCollection' object using the 'Item' property.
    If cookies.Count = 0 Then
        Console.WriteLine("No cookies to display")
    End If
    Dim j As Integer
    For j = 0 To cookies.Count - 1
        Console.WriteLine("{0}", cookies(j).ToString())
    Next j
Catch e As Exception
    Console.WriteLine(("Exception raised." + ControlChars.Cr + "Error : " + e.Message))
End Try

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.NET Framework

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