Compiler Warning (level 4) C4336


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import cross-referenced type library 'type_lib1' before importing 'type_lib2'

A type library was referenced with the #import directive. However, the type library contained a reference to another type library that was not referenced with #import. This other .tlb file was found by the compiler.

Given two type libraries on disk created from the following two files (compiled with midl.exe):

// c4336a.idl  
library c4336aLib  
   enum E_C4336  
      one, two, three  

The second type library:

// c4336b.idl  
library C4336bLib  
   importlib ("c4336a.tlb");  
   struct S_C4336  
      enum E_C4336 e;  

The following sample generates C4336:

// C4336.cpp  
// compile with: /W4 /LD  
// #import "C4336a.tlb"  
#import "C4336b.tlb"   // C4336, uncomment previous line to resolve