We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Call Browser

Visual Studio 2008

The Call Browser window enables you to search for function calls, and then browse the search results and navigate to the function references in your source code files.


This feature is only available when you are using Visual C++.


The default value of the drop-down list, where you specify the function name to search.

<Clear Search>

Clears the current search.


Searches for calls to or from the specified function when this button is clicked.


Refreshes the search results tree.

Show Calls Graph

Lists all the functions that the specified function calls or references.

Show Callers Graph

Lists all the functions that call or reference, the specified function.

Call Browser Settings

Opens the Call Browser Settings menu, which enables you to customize the search results view through the following commands:

  • Sort Alphabetically

  • Sort By Access

  • Show Fully Qualified Names