This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Visual Studio 2005

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handler (HTTP)

A component registered with ASP.NET (typically with an .axd extension) that produces Web output dynamically.


A clause in the WQL SELECT statement that is used to set a minimum limit on the number of discrete events that produce an aggregate event, which reduces overall event traffic. See also: aggregate event, ASSOCIATORS OF, GROUP, ISA, REFERENCES OF, SELECT, WHERE, WITHIN.


A portion of memory reserved for a program to use for the temporary storage of data structures whose existence or size cannot be determined until the program is running.

HTML server control

An ASP.NET server control that belongs to the System.Web.UI.HtmlControls namespace. An HTML server control maps directly to an HTML element and is declared on an ASP.NET page as an HTML element marked by a runat="server" attribute, for example <button runat="server" />. In contrast to Web server controls, HTML server controls do not have an asp tag prefix. See also: ASP.NET server control, validation server controls, Web server control.


See definition for handler (HTTP).


See definition for module (HTTP).