Timer Component (Windows Forms)


The Windows Forms Timer is a component that raises an event at regular intervals. This component is designed for a Windows Forms environment.

In This Section

Timer Component Overview (Windows Forms)

Introduces the general concepts of the Timer component, which allows you to set up your application to respond to periodic events.

Limitations of the Windows Forms Timer Component's Interval Property

Describes known limitations of the timer's interval that may affect how you can use it.

How to: Run Procedures at Set Intervals with the Windows Forms Timer Component

Describes how to react to timed intervals in your Windows-based applications.


System.Windows.Forms.Timer class

Provides reference information on the class, used for Windows Forms timers, and its members.

System.Timers.Timer class

Provides reference information on the System.Timers.Timer class that is used by server-based timers.

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