Text Tool Dialog Box (Image Editor for Icons)

Use the Text Tool dialog box to add text to a cursor, bitmap, or icon resource.

To access this dialog box, open the Image Editor. Select Tools from the Image menu, and then select the Text Tool command.

Font button

Opens the Text Tool Font dialog box, in which you can change the font, style, or size of the cursor font. Changes are applied to the text displayed in the Text area.

Text area

Displays the text that appears as part of the resource. Initially this area is empty.

Note Note

If Transparent Background is set, only the text will be placed into the image. If Opaque Background is set, a bounding rectangle, filled with the background color, will be placed behind the text. For more information, see Choosing Opaque and Transparent Backgrounds.

You can right-click on the Text Tool dialog box to access a default shortcut menu that contains a list of standard Windows commands.