This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CNoRowset Class

template <class TAccessor = CAccessorBase>
class CNoRowset


An accessor class. The default is CAccessorBase.


This class can be used as a template argument (TRowset) for CCommand or CTable. Use CNoRowset as a template argument if the command does not return a rowset.

CNoRowset implements the following stub methods, each of which correspond to other accessor class methods:

  • BindFinished - Indicates when binding is complete (returns S_OK).
  • Close - Releases rows and the current IRowset interface.
  • GetIID - Retrieves the interface ID of a connection point.
  • GetInterface - Retrieves an interface.
  • GetInterfacePtr - Retrieves an encapsulated interface pointer.
  • SetAccessor - Sets a pointer to the accessor.
  • SetupOptionalRowsetInterfaces - Sets up optional interfaces for the rowset.


Header: atldbcli.h

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