Global::str2con Method [AX 2012]

Splits the given String by the specified separator and returns the contents in a container.

client server public static container str2con(
    str _value, 
   [str _sep, 
    boolean _convertNumericToInt64])

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Type: str
The String value to be split.
Type: str
The separator.
Type: boolean
A Boolean value that indicates whether to convert the value to an int64 value; optional.

Return Value

Type: container
A container, which has the String split by the specified separator.

In the _convertNumericToInt64 parameter, a value of true indicates the returned contents will be converted to an int64 value if they only have numeric characters.A value of false indicates that the returned values will not be converted to an int64 value and String values will always be returned. The default value of the _convertNumericToInt64parameter is true.