Global::showFieldAccessException Method [AX 2012]

Retrieves an exception message if a user does not have the necessary access level.

client server public static Exception showFieldAccessException(
   [Common _common, 
    TreeNodeTxt _fieldList, 
    AccessRight _neededAccessLevel, 
    URL _helpUrl, 
    SysInfoAction _sysInfoAction])

Run On



Type: Common Table
A table buffer that indicates the fields to which the user has access; optional.
Type: TreeNodeTxt Extended Data Type
The list of fields to display in the message; optional.
Type: AccessRight Enumeration
The access level that is needed; optional.
Type: URL Extended Data Type
The help link for the message to display; optional.
Type: SysInfoAction Class
The layout type of the Infolog window; optional.

Return Value

Type: Exception Enumeration
An exception message.

This method determines whether a buffer and list of fields are specified.If the field list is specified than it will be displayed to the user; otherwise, the list will be generated automatically if the table buffer is specified.This method checks for access for all fields in the table buffer and stores the fields that cannot be accessed in a list.If both the buffer and filter are not specified, a default error message is displayed.If the access level is not specified and a table buffer has not been specified, the needed access level is set to view.