Global::numeralsToTxt_CN Method [AX 2012]
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Global::numeralsToTxt_CN Method [AX 2012]

Convert numerals to Chinese format text.

client server public static TempStr numeralsToTxt_CN(
    RealBase _number, 
    NoYes _type, 
    NoYes _isMoney, 
    Counter _numLen)

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Type: RealBase Extended Data Type
The numeral to be converted.
Type: NoYes Enumeration
Specify whether to use Chinese simplified language.
Type: NoYes Enumeration
Specify whether to convert as Chinese money format.
Type: Counter Extended Data Type
The number length that should be converted.

Return Value

Type: TempStr Extended Data Type
The converted string.

This method is uptaken from older version, and make some changes to fix bugs.

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