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Sets a value that indicates whether to render ellipses(...) to indicate text overflow.


{ text-underline-position: iUnderlinePosition }

Possible values


String that specifies a value that indicates whether ellipses(...) display when text content has overflowed its given layout area.


Display ellipses(...) for text overflow.


The underline is aligned to the alphabetic baseline.


The underline is aligned to the bottom edge of the em-box of the element.


The underline is aligned to the top edge of the em-box of the element.


This property generally applies only to vertical writing documents, such as Japanese.

Standards information

This property is defined in CSS Selectors Level 3 Gg721788.xtlink_newWindow(en-us,Expression.40).png.

Applies to

a, address, b, big, blockquote, body, button, caption, center, cite, code, col, colgroup, custom, dd, defaults, dfn, div, dl, dt, em, fieldset, form, hn, html, i, input type=button, input type=file, input type=password, input type=radio, input type=reset, input type=submit, input type=text, li, ol, p, s, select, span, sub, table, tbody, td, tfoot, th, thead, tr, tt, u, ul, var, xmp

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